Cara Cara

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NameCara Cara
AliasSRA-666 [view all 3]
GRIN IDPI 539580
SpeciesCitrus sinensis
Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofN/A
Phenotypic Data[view all 1]
SSR Genotype DataN/A
SNP Genotype DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
CommentsMutant occurred on a Washington navel orange tree
Reference[view all 6]
ICVN 0100666
Sweet Orange
2016Hong JH, Chae CW, Choi KJ, Kwon YS. A database of simple sequence repeats (SSR) marker based DNA profiles of Citrus and related cultivars and germplasm. Korean Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology. 2016; 34(1):142-153.
2011Aleza P, Froelicher Y, Schwarz S, Agustí M, Hernández M, Juárez J, Luro F, Morillon R, Navarro L, Ollitrault P. Tetraploidization events by chromosome doubling of nucellar cells are frequent in apomictic citrus and are dependent on genotype and environment. Annals of botany. 2011; 108(1):37-50.
2007Fanciullino A, Dhuique-Mayer C, Luro F, Morillon R, Ollitrault P. Carotenoid Biosynthetic Pathway in the Citrus Genus: Number of Copies and Phylogenetic Diversity of Seven Genes. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. 2007; 55(18):7405-7417.
2011Biswas MK, Chai L, Amar MH, Zhang X, Deng X. Comparative analysis of genetic diversity in Citrus germplasm collection using AFLP, SSAP, SAMPL and SSR markers. Scientia horticulturae. 2011; 129(4):798-803.
2011Liu Y, Dong T, Lei Y, Deng X, Gu Q. Isolation of a Polygalacturonase Gene from Citrus sinensis Fruit and Its Expression Relative to Fruit Mastication Trait, Fruit Development, and Calcium or Boron Treatments. Plant molecular biology reporter. 2011; 29(1):51-59.
2012Tao N, Wang C, Xu J, Cheng Y. Carotenoid accumulation in postharvest "Cara Cara" navel orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) fruits stored at different temperatures was transcriptionally regulated in a tissue-dependent manner. Plant cell reports. 2012 Sep; 31(9):1667-76.
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GRINPI 539580
Fruit and Nut Cultivars Database13148
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Phenotypic Data
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