flying dragon

Germplasm Overview
Nameflying dragon
SpeciesPoncirus trifoliata
Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofCitrus-Arizona/FlyingDragon-F1 [view all 8]
Paternal Parent ofCitrus-FlyingDragon/Flying Dragon-RIL [view all 25]
Phenotypic Data[view all 4]
SSR Genotype DataN/A
SNP Genotype DataN/A
Map[view all 8]
DNA LibraryN/A
Reference[view all 16]
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Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 4 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value
1Citrus-HLB_tolerance-Gmitter-2018HLB Foliar Symptoms1.7
2Citrus-HLB_tolerance-Gmitter-2018HLB Foliar Symptoms1.9
3Citrus-HLB_tolerance-Gmitter-2018HLB Canopy Damage2
4Citrus-HLB_tolerance-Gmitter-2018HLB Canopy Damage2
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