New expression data and GWAS data (3/19/2024)

One new expression dataset and one new GWAS dataset were added to CGD.

New expression data from: Zheng W, Zhang W, Liu D, Yin M, Wang X, Wang S, Shen S, Liu S, Huang Y, Li X, Zhao Q, Yan L, Xu Y, Yu S, Hu B, Yuan T, Mei Z, Guo L, Luo J, Deng X, Xu Q, Huang L, Ma Z. Evolution-guided multiomics provide insights into the strengthening of bioactive flavone biosynthesis in medicinal pummelo. Plant biotechnology journal. 2023 Apr 28.

And GWAS data from:  Shen S, Wang S, Yang C, Wang C, Zhou Q, Zhou S, Zhang R, Li Y, Wang Z, Dai L, Peng W, Hao Y, Guo H, Cao G, Liu X, Yao F, Xu Q, Fernie AR, Luo J. Elucidation of the melitidin biosynthesis pathway in pummelo. Journal of integrative plant biology. 2023 Sep 07.