BLAST Search

Search for one or more of your sequences (using BLAST). First pick a query type (nucleotide or protein). You will be able to set search parameters on the next page. Choose the appropriate program based on the Query type and Target database type. Please click on the program name to view the search form. Video Tutorial

Query Type Database Type BLAST Program
Nucleotide Nucleotide blastn: Search a nucleotide database using a nucleotide query.
Protein blastx: Search protein database using a translated nucleotide query.
Protein Nucleotide tblastn: Search translated nucleotide database using a protein query.
Protein blastp: Search protein database using a protein query.
BLAST References
1. Altschul,S.F., Gish,W., Miller,W., Myers,E.W. and Lipman,D.J. (1990) Basic local alignment search tool. J. Mol. Biol., 215, 403–410.
2. Camacho,C., Coulouris,G., Avagyan,V., Ma,N., Papadopoulos,J., Bealer,K., and Madden T.L. (2009) BLAST+: architecture and applications. BMC Bioinformatics, 10:421, doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-10-421.

Description and source of BLAST databases

Clementine ESTs and Transcripts
C. clementina cv. Clemenules v1.0 & v0.9 genome NCBI ESTs (From NCBI dbEST, downloaded 6/14/17)
Sweet Orange Unigene v1 (Assemblies of NCBI dbEST data by CGD)
C. sinensis cv. Ridge Pineapple v1.1 & v1.0 genome CGD RefTrans v1 (Assemblies of filtered RNA-seq reads and unigenes by CGD)
C. sinensis cv. Valencia DVS_A & DVS_B v1.0 genome C. aurantifolia transcriptome
C.sinensis cv. Valencia v2.0 & v1.0 genome C. aurantiifolia long read transcriptome
C. sinensis DHSO v3.0 genome Bacterial Genomes
C. sinensis cv. Newhall v1.0 genome Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus gxpsy
C. sinensis cv. Gannanzao v1.0 genome Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus psy62
C. sinensis cv. Jinhong v1.0 genome Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus A4
  Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus Ishi-1
  Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus JXGC
  Ca. Liberibacter africanus PTSAPSY
Lemon Ca. Liberibacter americanus Sao Paulo
C. limon Primary & Alternative v1.0 genome Ca. Liberibacter solanacearum CLso-ZC1
C. limon cv. Eureka v1.0 genome Liberibacter crescens BT-1
C. limon cv. Xiangshui v1.0 genome Liberibacter crescens BT-0
Lime Other Rutaceae
C. australis v1.0 genome Aegle marmelos cv. AEG v1.0 genome
C. australasica CRC3672 v1.0 genome Atalantia buxifolia cv. HKC v2.0 & v1.0 genome
C. australasica cv. AZM v1.0 genome Citropsis gilletiana cv. CGI v1.0 genome
C. glauca CRC3463 v1.0 genome Clausena lansium cv. HP
C. inodora CRC3784 v1.0 genome Fortunella hindsii acc. S3y-45 v2.0 & v1.0 genome
Pummelo Luvunga scandens cv. SYT v1.0 genome
C. maxima Wanbaiyou v1.0 genome Murraya paniculata (Kunming) v1.0 genome
C. maxima Cupi Majiayouv1.0 genome Murraya paniculata cv. JLX v1.0 genome
C. maxima cv. XGF v1.0 genome  
C. maxima cv. HZY-T v1.0 genome Mandarin
Hardy Orange C. reticulata cv. WM01 v1.0 genome
Poncirus trifoliata acc. DPI 50-7 v1.3.1 genome  
Papeda Wild citrus species
C. ichangensis cv. ZGYCC v2.0 & v1.0 genome  C. linwuensis cv. LW v1.0 genome
Citron C. mangshanensis cv. MSYG v1.0 genome
C. medica cv. XZ v1.0 genome C. hongheensis cv. HH v1.0 genome