New JBrowse tracks (5/28/2024)

JBrowse tracks for primer-based markers aligned to the genome, GWAS and SNP markers with mapped locations, and QTL based on marker alignments/genome positions have been added to 10 genomes.  Only tracks with data for that genome have been added.  Below is the list of genomes with the new tracks and the JBrowse instances can be accessed on the JBrowse page.

  • Citrus clementina genome v1.0 (JGI)
  • Citrus sinensis genome v1.1 (JGI) 
  • Citrus sinensis Di-Haploid Sweet Orange (DHSO) v3.0 (HZAU) 
  • Citrus maxima (C. grandis) genome v1.0
  • Citrus sinensis cv. Valencia DVS_A genome v1.0 
  • Citrus limon cv. Eureka genome v1.0 
  • Citrus australis genome v1.0 (UQ)
  • Citrus australasica CRC3672 genome v1 
  • Poncirus trifoliata acc. ZK8 v1.0 (HZAU) 
  • Fortunella hindsii S3y-45 genome v2.0