Citrus trifoliata Unigene version 1.0 (Ctv1)

Analysis NameCitrus trifoliata Unigene version 1.0 (Ctv1)
Date performed2010-06-22

This Unigene was constructed from 61,874 ESTs obtained from Genbank. The bioinformatic methods used to produce this Unigene can be found here. Additional analysis for these contigs included BLAST searches against multiple protein databases to predict function, and identification of potential SSRs and SNPs.

Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
Analysis Typetripal_analysis_unigene
Analysis unigene nameCitrus trifoliata Unigene version 1.0 (Ctv1)
Analysis unigene num contigs6,884
Analysis unigene num reads61,874
Analysis unigene avg length
Analysis unigene num clusters
Analysis unigene num singlets
Orignal EST sequences from NCBI (62,344 seqs seqs) citrus_trifoliata_ESTs_053010.fasta
Filtered and trimmed EST sequences (61,874 sequences) Ctv1.trimmedESTs.fasta
Contigs from CAP3 assembly (6,884 contig sequences) Ctv1.cap.contigs
Ace file from CAP3 assembly Ctv1.cap.ace
BLAST of contigs to TAIR9 Arabidopsis proteins Ctv1_blastx_TAIR9.xls
BLAST of contigs to SwissProt proteins Ctv1_blastx_sprot.xls
SSRs found in contigs (with primer predictions) Ctv1_ssrReport.xls
SNPs predicted from contigs (with primer predictions) Ctv1_snpReport.xls