Eureka (cultivar) Citrus limon

Germplasm Overview
AliasIVIA-297 [view all 2]
SpeciesCitrus limon
Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofWillowleaf_x_Eureka
Phenotypic DataN/A
SSR Genotype DataN/A
SNP Genotype DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
Reference[view all 7]
Paternal Parent Of
Germplasm Name Description Type
2012Ollitrault, P, Terol, J, Garcia-Lor, A, Berard, A, Chauveau, A, Froelicher, Y, Belzile, C, Morillon, R, Navarro, L, Brunel, D, and Talon, M. SNP mining in C. clementina BAC end sequences; transferability in the Citrus genus (Rutaceae), phylogenetic inferences and perspectives for genetic mapping. BMC Genomics. 2012. 13: 1-19.
2010Ollitrault F, Terol J, Pina JA, Navarro L, Talon M, Ollitrault P. Development of SSR markers from Citrus clementina (Rutaceae) BAC end sequences and interspecific transferability in Citrus. American journal of botany. 2010; 97(11):e124-e129.
2011Biswas MK, Chai L, Amar MH, Zhang X, Deng X. Comparative analysis of genetic diversity in Citrus germplasm collection using AFLP, SSAP, SAMPL and SSR markers. Scientia horticulturae. 2011; 129(4):798-803.
2012Luro F, Venturini N, Costantino G, Paolini J, Ollitrault P, Costa J. Genetic and chemical diversity of citron (Citrus medica L.) based on nuclear and cytoplasmic markers and leaf essential oil composition. Phytochemistry. 2012; 186-196.
2009Bassene JB, Froelicher Y, Dhuique-Mayer C, Mouhaya W, Ferrer RM, Ancillo G, Morillon R, Navarro L, Ollitrault P. Non-additive phenotypic and transcriptomic inheritance in a citrus allotetraploid somatic hybrid between C. reticulata and C. limon: the case of pulp carotenoid biosynthesis pathway. Plant cell reports. 2009; 28(11):1689-1697.
2013Garcia-Lor A, Curk F, Snoussi-Trifa H, Morillon R, Ancillo G, Luro F, Navarro L, Ollitrault P. A nuclear phylogenetic analysis: SNPs, indels and SSRs deliver new insights into the relationships in the 'true citrus fruit trees' group (Citrinae, Rutaceae) and the origin of cultivated species. Annals of botany. 2013 Jan; 111(1):1-19.
2011Kamiri M, Stift M, Srairi I, Costantino G, El Moussadik A, Hmyene A, Bakry F, Ollitrault P, and Froelicher Y. Evidence for non-disomic inheritance in a Citrus interspecific tetraploid somatic hybrid between C. reticulata and C. limon using SSR markers and cytogenetic analysis. Plant Cell Reports. 2011. 30(8):1415-1425.