QTLs and MTLs

Quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and Mendelian trait loci (MTLs) that are entered in CGD are searchable from the QTL Search option under the Search menu in the header.  The search can be restricted by QTL or MTL as well as by species (Fig. 16A).  A certain trait ontology category can be selected to limit the returned results to only that trait type.  If you are looking for a specific trait, you can do a keyword search of the trait names or search by the published name or the CGD assigned name (Fig. 16B).  Please see the CGD Trait Abbreviation Table for more information about the trait abbreviations used in CGD.

Figure 16.  CGD QTL Search interface

The results are returned in a table that has blue hyperlinks to more information about the QTL or MTL, the map it is located on, and the species it is from (Fig. 17).  The table can also be downloaded (Fig. 17A).  Clicking on the QTL label, opens the QTL information page which has a link to map positions (Fig. 17B).  From the map position table, the QTL can be viewed in MapViewer or CMap.

Figure 17.  CGD QTL Search results