CGD offers BLAST with sequence databases from sweet orange, clementine, mandarin, and trifoliate orange.  Genome, unigene, and reference transcriptome assemblies for the citrus species are available along with complete genomes of Ca. Liberibacter and Liberibacter crescens.  The BLAST interface looks and functions like the interface available on NCBI and information on the different settings and how to use BLAST can be found in the BLAST Help manual.  The new Tripal BLAST module displays the results in a interactive interface (Fig. 21A) and for alignments to the genome scaffolds that are also in the CGD JBrowse, there is a link to view the BLAST hit in JBrowse (Fig. 21B).  Features that are in the CGDdatabase (CDS, peptides, unigenes, RefTrans), will have links to more information in CGD.

Figure 21.  BLAST results on CGD