TGG datasets

Citrus datasets that were published in Tree Genetics & Genomes.  This data will be integrated into the Citrus Genome Database during the next update, but is available here in the mean time.  For more information about TGG data on CGD, please see our information page under the Community menu.


Raga V, Intrigliolo DS, Bernet GP, Carbonell EA, Asins MJ. Genetic analysis of salt tolerance in a progeny derived from the citrus rootstocks Cleopatra mandarin and trifoliate orange. Tree Genetics & Genomes. 2016; 12:34.  


Ohta S, Endo T, Shimada T, Fujii H, Shimizu T, Kita M, Kuniga T, Yoshioka T, Nesumi H, Yoshida T, Omura M. Construction of genetic linkage map and graphical genotyping of pseudo-backcrossed F2 (BC’2) progeny to introduce a CTV resistance from Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. into Citrus by introgression breeding. Tree Genetics & Genomes. 2015; 11:797.